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By Legacy Dental Care
February 27, 2017
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Relax at Your Next Dental Visit with Sleep Dentistry 

Many people don't get dental issues resolved due to money issues, or lack of ample time in their busy schedules, but one of the most common reasons why some people don't have their teeth checked and cleaned is the simple fear of going to the dentist.
None of these reasons are good excuses -- a study by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that people between the ages of 20 to 64 have an average of 24.92 remaining teeth. This statistic is mostly due to neglect or delaying important procedures. Most dental emergencies could be avoided if patient would simply come in for a deep cleaning or a quick filling before an infection has a chance to start. Financial and scheduling issues can be resolved relatively easily compared to dental phobia. A phobia is an almost paralyzing fear of the dental chair that is usually brought on by some type of traumatic past experience.
Thankfully, it's simply not necessary to worry and fret about common dental procedures now that many dentists in Woodbridge sleep dentistry (also known as sedation dentistry) to area patients. As the nameSleep Dentistry. Happy people. suggests, you can lay back, relax and get back up with your dental problems fully resolved.

About Sleep Dentistry 

There are a few forms of sedation techniques offered to patients that give them basic relaxation during their appointments, like nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety pills, but the main type offered by your Woodbridge dentist is intravenous or IV. The medicine that puts the patient to “sleep” (which is actually awake, just in an extremely relaxed state) is given intravenously. Sedation can also be given orally or through nitrous oxide. Your Woodbridge dentist will determine the best modality for your individual case. 

After You Go Under, It's Over Before You Know It

When you're put under for sleep dentistry, you will gently fall into a "mental slumber" while lying back in your Woodbridge dentist's chair. The "sleep" is deep enough that you won't feel a thing throughout the visit. Before you know it the dentist has finished his work and you're ready to go. You must bring someone with you to the appointment to drive or escort you home.
Common Procedures Calling for Sleep Dentistry
Not all dental procedures call for sleep dentistry. The following are common procedures where a dentist in Woodbridge may recommend sedation:
  •  root canal therapy
  •  fillings
  •  deep cleaning and root planing
  •  periodontal surgery
  •  veneer preparation
Your dentist in Woodbridge, VA is available to discuss the best treatment and sedation options for your individual case. As your dentist in Woodbridge, he or she encourages you to ask all of the questions that you need answered to feel completely comfortable going into your appointment.