By Legacy Dental Care
December 19, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Could your oral health benefit from this straightforward endodontic procedure?root canal

While no one likes the idea of needing to undergo a dental procedure, sometimes it’s crucial for protecting the health of your teeth and gums. Whether our Woodbridge, VA, dentist, Dr. Sowmya Punaji, recently told you that you need a root canal or you are currently dealing with a toothache, you’ve come to the right place to determine whether root canal therapy is right for you.

What is the purpose of a root canal?

This procedure is really the only way to preserve a tooth after the dental pulp has been damaged or infected. A dental pulp is a soft-tissue structure that lies within the tooth that is helpful for the development of the tooth but is no longer a necessary component of a tooth once it's fully developed.

So, why not just pull the tooth?

We hear this question a lot and as our Woodbridge general dentist will tell you, it’s a good idea to try and preserve your natural tooth, even if it’s dead, rather than extracting the tooth and then having to go through the grueling process of replacing the tooth. By going inside the tooth and cleaning it out, then sealing the root canals to prevent bacteria from entering again, and then finally placing a dental crown over the tooth we can restore the tooth so that it functions like it did before it was damaged or infected.

What are the warning signs that I might need root canal treatment?

One of the most common symptoms is a toothache. This pain may only appear when eating or putting pressure on the tooth; however, the pain may also be constant. You may also notice that the tooth is more sensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks such as a cup of steaming coffee or a delicious scoop of ice cream. Depending on the extent of the damage, the tooth may also start to darken (this means that the nerves of the tooth have experienced severe trauma or damage).

The gums surrounding the tooth may be tender or swollen, or a pimple-like lump (known as an abscess) may form on the gums. None of these symptoms should be ignored. Treating these problems as soon as possible means that we will be more likely to save your tooth.

Don’t let a toothache bug you any longer. Call Legacy Dental Care in Woodbridge, VA, to address your dental issues. We provide only the best dental services to meet all of your needs.